An A-Z of Essential Oils: The Fragrant Art of Aromatherapy

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There are few luxuries as simple and pleasing as soaking in a fragrant bath or being massaged with aromatic oils. There are also few healing arts as enjoyable as aromatherapy, and even fewer tonics as enticing as the pure plant essences known as essential oils. Since ancient times, essential oils have been thought to benefit the body, mind and emotions. Different oils can be used to treat or prevent all manner of health problems, to relax or rejuvenate, soothe or stimulate. All the oils encourage a wonderful feeling of well- being use them simply to create a mood and indulge your senses. This beautifully illustrated book provides an entrancing introduction to the gentle art of aromatherapy and a fascinating guide through the most popular essential oils. Practical information is liberally sprinkled with intriguing historical detail and delicate imagery. Like the oils, perfumes, flowers, and bottles, this small book is a treat in itself with all the essential ingredients of a perfect gift.



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